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FG21: Fishes of the Mid Atlantic Coast
Price: $7.95 each
  • 9" x 4" when closed
  • Laminated and waterproof
  • Six panel double-sided reference guide
  • Instant access to just what you need to know
  • Perfect for backpack, beach bag or purse
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 58 species commonly found inshore and nearshore
  • Sharks, rays and dogfish
  • Descriptions by local experts
  • Edibility index and preferred bait
  • Sources for regulations and limits
  • Built-in ruler
  • Virginia Beach, VA to Montauk, NY
  • Species selection and text by Dr. Bob Shipp and Jerry Frank
  • Illustrations by Diane Peebles
  • Fishes - red drum, florida pompano, spanish mackerel, striped bass, spotted sea trout, atlantic croaker, spot, black sea bass, gulf kingfish, southern kingfish, bluefish, weakfish, tarpon, pigfish, pinfish, sheepshead, black drum, tripletail, cobia, summer flounder, king mackerel, greater amberjack, great barracuda, blue runner, crevalle jack, lookdown, spadefish, gray triggerfish, african pompano, tautog, scup, atlantic cod, pollock, goosefish, blacktip shark, spiny dogfish, bull shark, scalloped hammerhead shark, sandbar shark, smooth dogfish, shortfin mako shark, atlantic sharpnose shark, clearnose skate, southern stingray, oyster toadfish, lizardfish, striped mullet, atlantic menhaden, striped burrfish, little tunny, blue marlin, sailfish, white marlin, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, wahoo, dolphin, atlantic bonito