through the night, with a light, from above
"stand beside her
and guide her..."

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FG28: Birds of the Southeast Atlantic Coast
Price: $7.95 each
  • 9" x 4" when closed
  • Laminated and waterproof
  • Six panel double-sided reference guide
  • Instant access to just what you need to know
  • Perfect for backpack, beach bag or purse
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 64 species, both common and rare
  • Wading birds - herons, egrets and ibises
  • Waterbirds - anhingas and pelicans
  • Birds of prey - hawks and eagles
  • Shorebirds, gulls and terns
  • Ducks and loons
  • Brief descriptions
  • Bird length and wingspan
  • Birding 101 guide
  • Cape Hatteras, NC to Melbourne, FL
  • Illustrations by Ernest C. Simmons
  • Birds - sanderling, black bellied plover, ruddy turnstone, spotted sandpiper, greater yellowlegs, dunlin, western sandpiper, lesser yellowlegs, least sandpiper, black necked stilt, killdeer, marbled godwit, semi palmated plover, american oystercatcher, short billed dowitcher, willet, american avocet, painted bunting, red bellied woodpecker, yellow throated warbler, pileated woodpecker, prairie warbler, wood stork, black crowned night heron, yellow crowned night heron, great blue heron, green heron, cattle egret, great egret, little blue heron, white ibis, tricolored heron, glossy ibis, herring gull, ring billed gull, royal tern, black skimmer, laughing gull, forster's tern, least tern, sandwich tern, pied billed grebe, american wigeon, common moorhen, green winged teal, american coot, ring necked duck, horned grebe, common loon, wood duck, hooded merganser, bufflehead, red breasted merganser, double crested cormorant, brown pelican, osprey, anhinga, belted kingfisher, bald eagle, american kestrel, black vulture, turkey vulture, red shouldered hawk, red tailed hawk