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FG44: Florida's Freshwater Fishes
Price: $7.95 each
  • 9" x 4" when closed
  • Laminated and waterproof
  • Six panel double-sided reference guide
  • Instant access to just what you need to know
  • Perfect for backpack, beach bag or purse
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 51 species found in lakes, rivers and canals
  • Exotics, panfish and gars
  • Edibility index and preferred bait
  • Illustrations and descriptions by local experts
  • Fishing 101
  • Built-in ruler
  • Illustrations by Ellen Edmondson, Hugh Chrisp, Duane Raver, and Joseph Tomelerri
  • Species selection and text by Dr. Robert G. Werner
  • Fishes - bowfin, american eel, golden shiner, brown bullhead, yellow bullhead, white catfish, channel catfish, chain pickerel, eastern mosquitofish, warmouth, bluegill, redear sunfish shellcracker, spotted sunfish stumpknocker, florida largemouth bass, black crappie speckled perch, blue tilapia, florida gar, tarpon, walking catfish, suckermouth catfish pleco, asian swamp eel, common snook, oscar, peacock cichlid butterfly peacock bass, black acara, midas cichlid, jaguar guapote, spotted tilapia, mayan cichlid, bullseye snakehead, mozambique tilapia, spotted gar, longnose gar, alligator gar, american shad, skipjack herring, common carp, blue catfish, flathead catfish, blacktail redhorse, redfin pickerel, white bass, hybrid bass sunshine or palmetto, striped bass, shadow bass, flier, redbreast sunfish, longear sunfish, shoal bass, suwannee bass, spotted bass