through the night, with a light, from above
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and guide her..."

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PS09: Shells and Beach Life of the New England Coast
Price: $16.95 each
  • 27" x 19" overall size
  • Fade resistant inks
  • Printed on 80# coated stock
  • Museum quality print
  • Suitable for framing
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 83 species, both common and exotic
  • Illustrations by John Douglass & Jackie Leatherbury Douglass
  • Shells -  atlantic surf clam, tellin-like cumingia, common northern lacuna, basket whelk, brittle star, striate margarite, atlantic slipper shell, chalky macoma, northern yellow periwinkle, prickly jingle shell, bay scallop, atlantic jackknife clam, caltrate trophon, eastern oyster, atlantic ribbed mussel, northern ridged margarite, stout tagelus, northern quahog, northern horse mussel, new england mudsnail, iceland cockle, atlantic razor clam, common janthina, common jingle, atlantic dogwinkle, hooked mussel, new england neptune, eastern dog whelk, thick lipped drill, angel wing, northern moon snail, white slipper shell, stimson's colus, false angel wing, cabbage head jellyfish, dwarf surf clam, common periwinkle, great piddock, helicina margarite, american lobster, interupted turbonille, boreal hairy-shell, calico scallop, blood ark, banded sea star, portuguese man-of-war, marsh periwinkle, red northern chiton, artic natica, sea star, hairy colus, urchin, eroded turret shell, eastern melampus, white northern chiton, atlantic oyster drill, beaded periwinkle, knobbed whelk, atlantic coquina, iceland scallop, northern dwarf tellin, american pelican's foot, hermit crab, common northern whelk, goulds pandora, fallen angel wing, blue mussel, linne's puncturella, soft shell clam, incised northern nora, common eastern chiton, glassy lyonsia, atlantic deep sea scallop, skate egg case, horseshoe crab, shark's eye, striate cup and saucer, artic wedge clam, channeled whelk, baltic macoma, harp lora, greedy dove shell, tenta macoma