through the night, with a light, from above
"stand beside her
and guide her..."

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PS15: Shells and Beach Life of the Mid Atlantic Coast
Price: $16.95 each
  • 27" x 19" overall size
  • Fade resistant inks
  • Printed on 80# coated stock
  • Museum quality print
  • Suitable for framing
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 85 species, both common and exotic
  • Illustrations by Jackie Douglass
  • Shells -  portuguese man of war, seahorse, dogwinkle, top shell, thick lipped drill, brittle star, atlantic slipper shell, mole crab, greedy dove shell, angulate wentletrap, prickly jingle shell, atlantic ribbed mussel, common jingle, common janthina, cat's paw, atlantic razor clam, sharks eye, northern quahog, true sea bean, stout tagelus, turkey wing, mudsnail, auger, urchin, channeled whelk, skate egg case, finger sponge, common nutmeg, blood ark, lettered olive, atlantic distorsio, marsh periwinkle, calico scallop, atlantic jackknife clam, ponderous ark, false angel wing, hooked mussel, eastern dog whelk, angel wing, basket whelk, atlantic surf clam, northern moon snail, banded sea star, stimson's colus, common eastern chiton, white slipper shell, heart sea bean, common periwinkle, gould's pandora, whelk egg case, beaded periwinkle, knobbed whelk, atlantic coquina, scotch bonnet, lightning whelk, eastern oyster, white baby's ear, atlantic deep sea scallop, disk dosinia, keyhole limpet, ivory tusk, forbe's common sea star, sea star, fallen angel wing, dwarf surf clam, giant atlantic cockle, greedy dove shell, sand dollar, bay scallop, hermit crab, soft shell clam, apple murex, blue mussel, yellow cockle, common northern whelk, horseshoe crab, atlantic yellow cowry, cross barred venus, alternate tellin, common rangia, striate cup and saucer, cabbage head jelleyfish, rough pen shell, american pelican's foot, glassy lyonsia