through the night, with a light, from above
"stand beside her
and guide her..."

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PS17: Fishes of the Mid Atlantic Coast and Chesapeake Bay
Price: $16.95 each
  • 27" x 19" overall size
  • Fade resistant inks
  • Printed on 80# coated stock
  • Museum quality print
  • Suitable for framing
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 70 species, both common and exotic
  • Species selection by Dr. Bob Shipp
  • Illustrations by Diane Rome Peebles
  • Fishes -  southern kingfish, striped burrfish, smallmouth bass, scup, atlantic bonito, alewife, atlantic mehaden, black sea bass, blue marlin, atlantic sharpnose shark, gray triggerfish, goosefish, rainbow trout, gulf kingfish, tautog, american shad, cobia, king mackerel, red drum, swordfish, florida pompano, spot, dolphin, tripletail, white marlin, sheepshead, wahoo, northern sea robin, black drum, blacktip shark, jumping mullet, tarpon, lizard fish, greater amber jack, american eel, spanish mackerel, cravelle jack, summer flounder, pinfish, scalloped hammerhead shark, sailfish, clearnose skate, little tunny, atlantic spadefish, yellowfin tuna, atlantic croaker, southern stringray, pigfish, white perch, striprd bass, atlantic cod, largemouth bass, oyster toadfish, great barracuda, shortfin mako, bluefish, northern puffer, southern flounder, blue runner, sandbar shark, lookdown, african pompano, bull shark, spiny dogfish, smooth dogfish, pollock, hogchoker, bluegill, brown bullhead, yellow perch