through the night, with a light, from above
"stand beside her
and guide her..."

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PS20: Peterson's Backyard Birds of the Mid Atlantic
Price: $16.95 each
  • 27" x 19" overall size
  • Fade resistant inks
  • Printed on 80# coated stock
  • Museum quality print
  • Suitable for framing
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 84 species
  • Illustrations by Roger Tory Peterson
  • Birds -  purple finch, chimney swift, ruby throated hummingbird, tree swallow, red breasted nuthatch, northern cardinal, cedar waxwing, northern mockingbird, house wren, brown creeper, blue gray gnatcatcher, painted bunting, eastern towhee, belted kingfisher, pine warbler, red headed woodpecker, carolina chickadee, field sparrow, golden crowned kinglet, blue jay, scarlet tanager, common yellowthroat, pine siskin, american redstart, eastern bluebird, brown headed cowbird, red eyed vireo, ovenbird, blue headed vireo, summer tanager, brown headed nuthatch, dark eyed junco, black capped chickadee, ruby crowned kinglet, house finch, american goldfinch, common grackle, fox sparrow, common ground dove, canada warbler, great crested flycatcher, american robin, eastern phoebe, pine warbler, house sparrow, rock pigeon, mourning dove, eastern wood pewee, wood thrush, eastern kingbird, indigo bunting, black vulture, american crow, northern bobwhite, tufted titmouse, hermit thrush, hairy woodpecker, red bellied woodpecker, yellow bellied sapsucker, downy woodpecker, red shouldered hawk, belted kingfisher, red tailed hawk, swamp sparrow, european starling, carolina wren, gray catbird, barn swallow, cooper's hawk, sharp shinned hawk, northern flicker, boat tailed grackle, baltimore oriole, purple martin, osprey, red winged blackbird, brown thrasher, yellow warbler, black and white warbler, turkey vulture, northern rough winged swallow, cliff swallow, yellow rumped warbler, pileated woodpecker