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Replacement safety fuel tank cap, new, free, 2-1/2 inches tall.

A new style gas cap, first available in 1980, has special design features to reduce gasoline vapor build-up and fuel eruption due to improper gas cap removal. The new gas cap has two vent holes in the top of the cap and has “PRESSURE - OPEN SLOWLY” embossed on the top of the cap.

If your gas cap does not have two (2) vent holes and does not have the words "Pressure Open Slowly" embossed on the top, then you are eligible to receive a FREE GAS CAP.

This gas cap offer is not associated with TM Tractor Parts.  We are simply providing you with the information.  You must click this link or go to http://www.ihgascap.com/index.aspx and complete the form to request your free gas cap .



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