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Crankcase oil pan
Crankcase oil pan with reinforcement plates
Oil filter stud (engine SN 245700 and below)
Oil filter stud (engine SN 245701 and above)
Oil filter cover
Oil screen tube
Oil pump screen
Oil filter drain pipe nipple
Oil filter drain pipe nipple cap
Oil level gauge w/breather cap short (style 1)
Oil level gauge w/breather cap short (style 2)
Oil level gauge w/breather cap long style
Oil filler tube short style
Oil filler tube long style
Oil pressure gauge (style 1)
Oil pressure gauge (style 2)
Oil pressure gauge (style 3)
Oil pump assembly
Reconditioned cylinder head
Cylinder head bolts "new"
Fan drive pulley R1
Fan drive pulley R2
Fan drive pulley R3
Engine water inlet pipe
Engine water inlet pipe (for 12V starter)
Water outlet elbow 251429R1
Water outlet elbow 251429R2 shown with alternator support
Valve tappet cover
Crankcase 251341R1 "1948"
Crankcase 251341R7 "1961"
Crankcase 251341R8 "1966"
Crankcase front cover
Comparison between crankcase front covers
Flywheel w/ring gear 84 teeth
Camshaft gear 36 teeth
Camshaft thrust plate
Idler gear 36 teeth
Idler gear shaft assembly
Crankshaft rear oil seal retainer
Crankshaft gear 18 teeth
Crankshaft w/gear
Pistons and rods