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How to Identify Your Tractor

Throughout this web site the terms left (LH) and right (RH) are used. Left and right indicate the left and right side of the tractor when facing forward in the driver's seat.         
Tractor Serial Numbers
When you want to identify the year of your tractor, you can look at several things. First and foremost is the tractor serial number, which is stamped into an aluminum plate located on the right side of your tractor, on the steering gear housing. Use the tractor serial number table to look up the year.
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Engine Serial Numbers
Next, check the engine serial number, which is stamped into the cylinder block on a machined flat surface, just above the oil filler tube and below the valve tappet cover on the left side of the tractor. This number is within the same series of numbers as your tractor serial number, most of the time just a little higher. Use the engine serial number as a guide to help confirm your tractor's age. Additionally, when ordering certain engine parts, the serial number may be required. Use the engine serial number page as a reference.
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Casting Dates
Casting dates can be used to confirm (or dispute) the year and other information you have about your tractor. You can also use casting dates to determine if parts might have been replaced somewhere along the line. In general, parts were installed in new Cubs within a few months of their casting. Dates are usually found on the cylinder block, steering gear housing, hydraulic cylinder block, rear axle housing, differential shaft housing, clutch housing and transmission case, just to name a few. The location of the codes on these parts varies. A letter was used to represent the casting date year. Use the casting date table as a cross- reference.
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Paint Color
What color should my tractor be?  We provide a Color Scheme Reference for new Cub and Cub Lo-Boy owners who want to overhaul their tractors and are not sure where to start.

Information on serial numbers and casting dates are provided as a service. It is based on our experience and on data from A.T.I.S. FAQ on Farmall Cubs updated by Jim Becker, Operator's Manuals, TC-37F Parts Catalog, Farmall Letter Series Tractors by Guy Fay and Andy Kraushaar, and Farmall Cub & Cub Cadet by Kenneth Updike.

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