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Air Intake / Exhaust        Governor / Throttle
Brake        Grommets / Corks
Clutch        Hoses / Clamps  
Cooling        Hydraulic
Decals        Leveling & Grader Blade
Differential   Manuals
Electrical        PTO
Emblems / Clips   Seat / Platform
Engine        Steering / Front Axle
Final Drive / Rear Axle   Transmission / Gear Shift
Fuel / Hood   Wheel Bolts

through the night, with a light, from above   U.S. Flag and Holder for your tractor.



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Tom and Lynn, the owners of TM Tractor Parts LLC, will be retiring near the end of 2014.   (It is not a health or family issue, just retiring.)

“TM” has been online since 2000, and we appreciate the loyalty and trust of our customers and our friends. However, the time has come for us to pass the baton to the next wave of suppliers and Cub enthusiasts.

With an eye toward winding down, the following policy changes are in effect immediately:

1) When an item goes out of stock on the website, it will remain out of stock. No inventory replenishment.

2) All sales are final. Please do not over-order for your project.

3) Domestic orders only. No international shipping.