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Welcome to TM Tractor Parts. We deal exclusively with Farmall Cub and Lo-Boy offset series tractors.   This page is designed to help search engines find the parts you need with the least amount of trouble. Please use the links to enter our site or browse our parts directory.

1957 Farmall Cub

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The rest of this page is just a list of words associated with the Farmall Cub tractor and some of the new, used and replacement parts available for purchase through TM Tractor Parts web site. Since people identify the tractor and its parts differently, we'll list all the names, whether technically correct or not. In fact, spelling often doesn't count. So here goes...
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cub-54a, cub 54, cub 54a, mower, belly mower, rolling colter, jointer, cushion hitch spring, plow bottom, depth adjusting lever linkage, depth adjusting rockshaft, quick attachable drawbar, cotter, latch bar, master control lever, pickup chain, rolling colter, beam, spring guide, beam extension, plate, bolt, carriage bolt, machine bolt, eccentric bolt, lifting bracket, chain lifting bracket, latch bar support, brace, lever arm, eyebolt, quadrant support, rockshaft bearing, spring anchor, spring link adjuster, rear furrow wheel, disk, chilled type disk bearing, timken roller type disk bearing, rear adjusting lever, axle, front rockshaft, main frame, sand rim special, scraper, steering links, wheel weights, guide arm, lift link, hitch plate, beam spreader, lift arm, eccentric collar, beam block, beam rail, hand latch, quadrant support brace, front steering link, steering pipe, rear steering link, sand rim, rear furrow wheel, direct connected mower, belly mower, v belt drive, coupling bar hinge, flywheel shaft tube, inner shoe hinge, cutter bar, knife clips, guard, grass board, pitman, pitman arm, drive pulley, grass board rod, drag bar, inner shoe hinge, coupling bar, cutter bar, gag bar, flywheel shaft pulley, flywheel shield, coupling bar hinge, wrist pin, cone head bolt, tilting clamp, stay rod crank, stay rod, drag bar support, gag lever post, lifting chain, clevis, pitman box, pitman box connection stiffener, pitman strap, knife head, ledger plate, wearing plate, cutter bar, plow bottom, frog, moldboard, clamp clip, shank, steel jointer, chilled jointer, notched blade, colter stop bushing, rolling colter, colter bracket, yoke, and now for a pretty complete list of basic Cub parts: Air Intake / Exhaust Air intake cap Air cleaner body Air cleaner oil cup Air cleaner cup retaining clamp Air cleaner pipe 248124 & below Air cleaner assembly Breather pipe assembly Exhaust manifold w/ vertical pipe 312389 & below Exhaust manifold w/ elbow 312389 & below Exhaust manifold elbow Exhaust manifold stud nut Muffler support bracket Underslung exhaust pipe Exhaust manifold clamp two halves manifold gasket 251233R2 (3) exhaust pipe 107139C1 (1) exhaust pipe 362360R1 (1) muffler 351436R92 (4) muffler 363116R1 muffler band clamp 351437R1 (3) exhaust / intake manifold stud nut 251176R1 (1) exhaust / intake manifold stud 351678R1 Brakes Brake band assembly s/n 173600 & below Brake band assembly s/n 173601 & above Brake drum LH brake band activating toggle 173601 & above RH brake band activating toggle 173601 & above Brake operating rod assy s/n 173601 & above LH brake shaft RH brake shaft LH brake pedal w/ latch RH brake pedal w/ ratchet Brake pedal return spring Brake pedal lock screw brake drum lock screw 360270R1 (12) brake drum 350805R2 (1) brake band 350967R22 (1) 173600 & below brake band 358753R22 (1) 173601 & above clevis 213-125 (1) brake pedal return spring 350951R1 step plate assembly NLA 368578R11 Clutch Clutch housing Clutch housing cover Clutch housing hand hole cover assy Clutch pressure plate assy (Rockford) Clutch pressure plate assy (Auburn) Clutch pedal return spring Clutch pedal 32228 & below Clutch pedal 32229 & above Clutch adjusting plate 32229 and above Clutch pedal lever Clutch operating rod 32228 & below Clutch operating rod 32229 & above Clutch release yoke assy 32228 & below LH & RH Clutch release yoke assy 32229 & above LH & RH Clutch release yoke pivot pin Clutch disc assy Clutch release bearing & retainer clutch pedal return spring 350951R1 clutch housing hand hole cover 351486R1 clutch housing hand hole bar 57578DX Cooling Radiator with new gasket radiator cap Radiator hold down plate (pair) Fan housing Fan w/ hub assy Engine s/n 165152 & below Fan w/ hub assy Engine s/n 165153 & above Radiator side LH channel Radiator side RH channel Radiator overflow pipe clip radiator gasket 351032R1 (2) radiator cap 400586R1 (1) Fan belt 251428R1 Differential Differential shaft housing Differential drive gear assembly Differential pinion shaft Differential side gear 16T Differential pinion 10T LH differential shaft 12 teeth RH differential shaft 12 teeth Differential shaft bearing retainer differential shaft bearing gasket 350804R1 (6) differential drive gear (only) 46 teeath 350787R1 differential drive gear rivets 990625R91 differential shaft pinion oil seal 381907R91 differential shaft inner bearing seal 385872R91 Drawbar / Hitches / Lifts Quick attachable drawbar assembly Quick attachable drawbar Quick attachable drawbar LH bracket Quick attachable drawbar RH bracket Swinging drawbar assembly, 2 pieces w/ pin Swinging drawbar Swinging drawbar anchor bar Offset rockshaft lifting rod Straight rockshaft lifting rod Rear rockshaft w/ rod Rear rockshaft assembly Rear rockshaft assembly with bracket Rear rockshaft chain lifting bracket Master control lever assembly Front rockshaft assembly (no hydraulics) Lo-boy LH RH brackets drawbar bracket bolt 351679 R1 short (4) Electrical / Ignition Magneto J-4 w/ spark includes new cap Distributor assembly includes new cap and rotor Distributor drive housing w/out tach hole Distributor drive housing with tach hole Distributor includes new cap and rotor Cranking motor 6volt 224400 & below (as is) Cranking motor 6volt 224400 & below Voltage regulator mounting bracket coil mounting bracket Generator brace 501 to 221292 Generator brace 221293 to 248124 Generator bracket Generator pulley Spark plug cable bracket Starting switch lever 128798 & below Starting switch lever 128799 to 224400 Starting switch pull rod 128798 & below (25 1/4 inches) Starting switch pull rod 128799 to 224400 (25 7/8 inches) Battery box lid Battery box front Battery box base 3 position light switch 4 position light switch Magneto ignition switch 224400 & below 1 prong Distributor ignition switch 2 prong Cable clip next to clutch pedal Plain seat clip Electrical / Ignition Rear light bracket cable clip Rear light bracket Rear light clamp Head light post Head light 6volt conventional (teardrop) Head light 6volt sealed beam rear light 6 volt combo w/ red Generator 6volt 221292 & below Generator 6volt 221292 & below Voltage regulator distributor rotor 353896R91 (8) distributor cap 351693R92 (4) point kit 407 018R91 (7) distributor drive housing gasket 46168DC (2) magneto drive oil seal 251379R91 (2) 6 volt regulator 121578C1 (2) regulator 594191C1 (1) ignition coil 396546R93 (2) distributor clamp 353937R1 (7) generator belt serial# 165152 and below 351321R1 generator belt serial# 165153 and above 358213R1 distributor breaker cover 384831R91 distributor breaker plate 352277R11 distributor governor weight guard 352301R1 battery box front cover "channel" 351334R1 battery box cover 351336R12 battery box 538609R2 battery box front bolt 351339R1 battery cable to cranking motor 351956R91 battery cable "ground" no not buy Engine Crankcase oil pan Oil filter cover Oil filter stud (both types) Oil screen tube Oil Pump Screen Oil filter drain pipe nipple Oil filter drain pipe nipple cap Oil level gauge short style Oil level gauge long style Oil filler tube short style Oil pressure gage Oil pump assembly Oil pump body Oil pump drive gear 13 teeth Oil pump idler gear 13 teeth Cylinder head (reconditioned, with bolts) Crankshaft pulley (fan drive pulley) Water inlet elbow Water outlet elbow Valve tappet cover with bolts Crankcase Crankcase Front cover Fly wheel w/ ring gear Camshaft gear Camshaft thrust plate Idler gear Idler gear shaft assembly Engine Crankshaft rear oil seal retainer Crankshaft gear Crankshaft with gear 4 Piston with Rods Connecting rod Camshaft Exhaust valve Intake valve Valve tappet Oil filter stud gasket 25352D (7) Oil filter cover gasket 251407R1 (8) Oil pan gasket 251369R1 (1) Oil pan drain plug 445097 (4) Oil pump body gasket 251399R1 (6) Water inlet elbow gasket 251431R1 (3) Water outlet elbow gasket 4665DA (0) Crankshaft rear oil seal retainer gasket 251364R1 (6) Crankcase front cover oil seal kit 378193R91 (4) Crankcase front cover gasket 351675R2 (4) Crankcase front cover gasket 355945R2 (4) Crankcase rear oil seal 364692R91 (2) Cylinder head gasket 251229R3 (2) Cylinder head bolt, long 251231R1 326-652 (6) Cylinder head bolt, short 251230R1 (6) Valve tappet cover gasket 251371R1 (3) Intake valve 251260R1 Exhaust valve 251261R1 oil pressure regulating valve plug gasket 251403R1 oil pressure regulating valve plug 251402R1 oil pressure regulating valve spring 251401R1 oil pressure regulating valve 251400R1 ring set per/piston "standard" 539354R1 Final Drive / Rear Axle Rear axle housing Rear axle drive gear Rear axle drive gear spacer Rear axle bearing spacer Differential shaft bearing cap Rear axle housing pan LH rear axle bearing cap RH rear axle nut RH rear axle LH rear axle rear axle housing pan gasket 350827R1 (8) rear axle drive gear spacer 353163R3 (1) LH & RH bearing cap gasket 350820R1 (6) rear axle oil seal gasket 350823R1 (6) rear axle oil seal 350822R92 (2) Fuel Hood & fuel tank Fuel tank filler cap with gasket Fuel strainer assembly Carburetor IH Carburetor Zenith Choke rod 248124 & below Carburetor 312389 & below (rebuilt and w/ trade-in) Choke Cable Carburetor gasket 251235R1 (3) Carburetor float 251293R1 (2) Gas cap gasket 23977DB (3) Fuel bowl gasket 251337R3 (5) Fuel strainer assembly 61782C91 (6) Strainer screen 49923D (11) Strainer gasket 360679R1 A11208 (6) choke rod 351354R1 (1) international decal 369052R1 92) carburetor overhaul kit 354454R92 (2) Governor Governor control rod Governor connecting rod assembly Governor rockshaft & ext. bracket Governor control lever Governor control sector (pin IH 16) Governor control pivot pin assembly Governor Governor assembly Governor housing assembly governor control pivot pin 351007R1 (1) governor control sector 351005R1 (1) governor control lever 351006R1 (1) governor spring 121709C1 Hydraulic Complete Assembly Hydraulic touch control pump Hydraulic manifold tubes Hand control lever adjustable friction Hand control lever fixed friction Control rod for adjustable friction lever Control rod for fixed friction lever Lever quadrant Quadrant support for adjustable friction lever Quadrant support for fixed friction lever Stop indicator Cylinder block Rockshaft 185000 & below w/out helper spring arm Rockshaft 185001 & above w/ helper spring arm Rockshaft bearing assembly 1-1/4 Rockshaft bearing assembly 1-3/8 Rockshaft bearing half Piston sleeve boot 364833R1 (2) Control valve boot 364832R2 (1) Manifold flange gasket 352034R2 (7) Touch control pump gasket 351677R1 (9) hydraulic pump gasket kit 355208R91 (3) Implements Cultivator Cultivator clamp Cult clamp assembly Wedge bolt 12.5" long standard Shank Lifting bar Spring tooth implement bolts short style implement bolts long style Moldboard Plow Moldboard plow w/ cultor Moldboard plow Depth adjusting lever Depth adjusting lever linkage Depth adjusting lever and linkage plow shoe 651244R1 (8) hange spacer 651237R2 (10) spacer bolt 28118R1 413-10192 12" x 5/8" G3 (4) drawbar bracket bolt 351679 R1 short (4) implement bolt long 456630R1 (3) bearing half 1691B NLA PTO / Pulleys PTO assembly PTO adapter PTO shaft oil retainer & shaft assembly PTO shaft oil seal and bearing retainer PTO shifter rod guide PTO lever and shaft PTO bearing grease shield PTO shaft bearing snap ring (large) PTO shifter rod spring PTO shifter lever Collar PTO shifter rod Drive pulley 4.50" 451356R2 Belt pulley drive assembly 90-degree Belt pulley 9" PTO shifter clutch PTO shaft PTO adapter gasket 350837R3 (5) PTO adapter cover gasket 351258R3 shifter rod spring 351969R1 (2) shifter rod guide 351967R1 (1) shifter rod 351970R31 shifter lever collar 351968R1 (1) shifter shaft seal 351291R1 (1) Seat / Platform / Fender Plain seat (pan) Deluxe seat frame assembly deluxe seat cushion pan seat cushion armrest arm rest backrest back rest base cushion deluxe seat vinyl cushion lo-boy seat bracket seat bracket Plain seat post assembly Plain seat support tube Plain seat post Plain seat post guide Plain seat spring Plain seat spring retainer Plain seat spring spacer Plain seat spring washer Platform Starting crank clip pair Fender (best) LH fender Steering / Front Axle Steering wheel 15" (new) Steering wheel 15" (used) (good 35) Steering shaft support arm Steering shaft support arm bracket Steering shaft bearing Steering shaft & worm gear short Steering shaft & worm gear long Steering gear arm assembly Tie rod assembly Tie rod end Tie rod tube Tie rod clamp (TM pair) IH each Steering gear housing (radiator) w/ no welds, broken bolts Steering worm wheel 21 teeth Steering worm wheel 24 teeth Steering gear housing base Steering worm wheel shaft Steering worm wheel shaft assembly Steering knuckle RH arm s/n 138484 & below Steering knuckle LH arm s/n 138484 & below Steering knuckle RH arm s/n 138485 & above Steering knuckle LH arm s/n 138485 & above Keyed spindle assembly 138485 & above Lock bolt spindle assembly 138484 & below Front axle pivot shaft Front axle Front axle extension Front axle clamp Front axle clamp pin Steering knuckle arm locking screw steering shaft bearing gasket 350899R1 (6) steering shaft oil seal 385703R92 A11507 (6) 3/8" plug 217-436 (allen wrench) steering gear housing Supports / Grill / Toolbox Hood & fuel tank support short sides Hood & fuel tank support long sides Radiator grill 185000 & below wire mesh Radiator grill 185001 to 210000 four bar Radiator grill 210001 to 222500 classic ('57) Radiator grill late model squared front end Radiator grill side LH 210000 & below Radiator grill side RH 210000 & below Radiator grill side RH sheet Radiator grill side LH sheet Cub toolbox deluxe seat toolbox Loboy toolbox Lo-boy toolbox Toolbox Toolbox (new) Toolbox w/ deluxe seat 4 bar grill Transmission / Gear Shift Transmission case (see Differential) Rear cover plate Counter shaft & bevel pinion 10 teeth Reverse speed gear & counter shaft bearing spacer Reverse speed gear 35 teeth First & reverse speed gear spacer First speed gear 39 teeth First & second speed gear spacer Second speed gear 35 teeth 192112 & below Second speed gear 36 teeth 192113 & above Second & third speed gear spacer Third speed gear 26 teeth Third speed gear & countershaft bearing spacer Countershaft bearing retainer Countershaft bearing retainer cap First & reverse speed sliding gear 13 teeth 350867R1 Second & third speed sliding gear 17 & 26 teeth 192112 & below Second & third speed sliding gear 16 & 26 teeth Serial #192113 & above 364520R1 Reverse idler gear 22 teeth 350870R11 Reverse idler shaft Transmission spline & clutch shaft Gear shift lever assy w/out deluxe seat plain seat Gear shift lever assy with deluxe seat First & reverse speed shifter fork Second & third speed shifter fork First & reverse speed shifter rod Second & third speed shifter rod Gear shifter puppet ball Gear shifter puppet spring & ball gear shift lever housing gasket 351546R1 (8) gear shift lever knob 53717DA (2) pto pilot bushing 350859R1 (10) transmission spline shaft oil seal 528810R91 transmission spline shaft oil seal gasket 350866R1 differential shaft inner bearing seal 385872R91 Wheels / Weights / Tires Front wheel 2.5 x 12 Rear wheel rim Rear wheel disc Front wheel hub Front wheel hub cap Extensions (pair) Front wheel weights (pair) Rear wheel weight (pair) Front wheel hub bolts 351846R1 (5) Rear wheel bolts 351079R1 (10) Front wheel 3.0 x 15

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