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Welcome to TM Tractor Parts. We deal with parts for McCormick Farmall and International Cub, International Cub Lo-Boy, Cub 154 Lo-Boy, Cub 184, Cub 185 Lo-Boy tractors.   This page is designed to help search engines find the parts you need with the least amount of trouble. Please use the links to enter our site or browse our parts directory.

1957 Farmall Cub

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The rest of this page is just a list of words associated with the Farmall Cub tractor and some of the new, used and replacement parts available for purchase through TM Tractor Parts web site. McCormick Farmall and International Cub International Cub Lo-Boy, Cub 154 Lo-Boy, Cub 184, Cub 185 Lo-Boy Since people identify the tractor and its parts differently, we'll list all the names, whether technically correct or not. In fact, spelling often doesn't count. So here goes...
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vinyl', 'CS478' => 'Cub clock','BR735' => 'brake rod clevis','BR916' => 'brake rod clevis assembly','EL5672' => 'tune up kit', 'GB205' => 'front left lifting strap', 'SM0248' => 'rear pitman strap M1578', 'AE235' => 'exhaust manifold', 'EL583' => 'generator belt 358213R1', 'GB215' => 'right brace 54A', 'SM028' => 'dragbar 33', 'AE2371' => 'exhaust pipe 362360R1', 'EL591' => 'light knob late', 'GB248' => 'axle brace support plate small', 'SM156' => 'flywheel shield', 'AE265' => 'air cleaner pipe', 'EL592' => 'D16 spark plug', 'GB273' => 'front axle hanger', 'SM1793' => 'front pitman strap MA1577', 'AE2770' => 'air intake cap', 'EL594' => 'gasket flat back', 'GB284' => 'Lo_Boy pressure spring assembly', 'SM2146' => 'pitman latch fork MC1579', 'AE335' => 'manifold gasket', 'EL605' => 'magneto ignition switch 54207DB', 'GB286' => 'flexible clevis assembly', 'SM236' => 'dragbar support short drop', 'AE492' => 'exhaust pipe vertical', 'EL615' => 'J_4 rotor pinion 251526R1', 'GB322' => 'front right lifting strap', 'SM284' => 'L 22 drive belt 457191R2', 'AE5641' => 'manifold assembly', 'EL6271' => 'molding flat back', 'GB336' => 'right axle brace', 'SM2875' => 'upper drive shield', 'AE5816' => 'exhaust pipe 107139C1', 'EL6293' => 'spark plug wire set braided', 'GB355' => 'bellcrank extension assembly', 'SM321' => 'dragbar support long drop', 'AE678' => 'muffler assembly', 'EL637' => 'D21 spark plug', 'GB393' => 'axle hanger bolt spacer', 'SM357' => 'knife head front cap 451396R1', 'AE683' => 'muffler clamp 351437R1', 'EL677' => 'battery box assembly best', 'GB408' => 'straight lifting lever', 'SM3581' => 'pitman plunger MA1573', 'AE743' => 'exhaust clamp 362361R1', 'EL693' => 'coil bracket', 'GB416' => 'axle brace support plate large', 'SM416' => 'Cub 22 drive belt 452197R1', 'AE754' => 'hex bushing', 'EL725' => 'housing gasket 46168DC', 'GB421' => 'left axle brace 54A', 'SM4195' => 'pitman plunger pin Q3785', 'AE759' => 'muffler 351436R92', 'EL734' => 'cable', 'GB431' => 'boomerang', 'SM442' => 'outer shoe sole M259X', 'AE815' => 'muffler rain cap 126114C1', 'EL741' => 'dimmer coil', 'GB448' => 'left axle brace', 'SM489' => 'dragbar 34', 'AE921' => 'exhaust clamp assembly', 'EL748' => 'fuse holder 6V 354232R91', 'GB5247' => 'lifting arm', 'SM532' => 'belt adjuster', 'BR055' => 'brake pedal lock bolt square head', 'EL7622' => '12V switch to starter 239827 and above', 'GB528' => 'offset lifting lever Lo_Boy', 'SM5364' => 'pitman plunger spring MA1574', 'BR104' => 'brake drum with lock bolt', 'EL788' => '6 volt coil', 'GB554' => 'rear lifting bar', 'SM6745' => 'pitman box bushing M2078', 'BR288' => 'brake band with rod 350967R22', 'EL793' => 'distributor gasket 353936R3', 'GB612' => 'offset lifting lever', 'SM679' => 'wrist pin nut M305', 'BR362' => 'brake band 358753R22', 'BR418' => 'brake operating rod', 'BR2543' => 'brake operating rod assembly', 'BR6372' => 'brake band with rod replacement', 'BR5198' => 'brake band replacement', 'EL803' => 'battery box grommet', 'GB622' => 'front axle hanger Lo_Boy', 'SM7192' => 'pitman ball bearing ST313', 'BR3954' => 'brake drum key 126_122', 'EL844' => 'light knob early', 'GB693' => 'right axle brace Lo_Boy', 'SM735' => 'wrist pin 451390R1', 'BR4721' => 'brake drum lock bolt 360270R1', 'EL8492' => '12V battery cable 239827 and above', 'GB704' => 'substitute drawbar assembly', 'SM825' => 'Cub 22 drive belt 457292R1', 'BR527' => 'brake rod clevis pin 427_5094', 'EL865' => 'lens', 'GB714' => 'front axle hanger 54A', 'SM8563' => 'knife head rear cap ME652', 'BR689' => 'brake pedal lock bolt hex head', 'EL869' => 'J_4 gear cover gasket 251532R2', 'GB845' => 'substitute drawbar without fast hitch', 'SM9125' => 'inner shoe wearing plate MB22863', 'BR864' => 'pedal return spring', 'EL924' => 'rear light wire', 'GB889' => 'left axle brace Lo_Boy', 'SM951' => 'pitman 451392R1', 'CL056' => 'hand hole cover only', 'EL943' => 'battery box J_bolt', 'GR163' => 'grommet kit', 'SP025' => 'round head screw', 'CL067' => 'clutch pilot bushing 251266R1', 'EL949' => 'reflector', 'GR287' => 'hood grommet', 'SP1420' => 'truss head screw', 'CL329' => 'hand hole cover T_bar', 'EL952' => 'regulator bracket', 'GR359' => 'spark plug cable bracket', 'SP776' => 'IH hood emblem', 'CL378' => 'clutch release brg and ret 350921R11', 'EN023' => 'oil filter 376373R91', 'GR422' => 'spark plug cable bracket grommet', 'SP864' => 'cub bar step', 'CL475' => 'hand hole cover assembly', 'EN0624' => 'complete kit', 'GR803' => 'battery box grommet', 'SP925' => 'cub lo_boy bar step', 'CL521' => 'clutch disc 351773R91', 'EN085' => 'front cover gasket 351675R2', 'GV289' => 'governor housing gasket 251458R2', 'ST032' => 'worm wh shaft upper bushing 350887R1', 'CL5327' => 'clutch release yoke pivot pin', 'EN1275' => 'oil filter kit', 'GV357' => 'governor spring 121709C1', 'ST1345' => 'front wh outer cone bearing 350774R91', 'CL625' => 'Rockford pressure plate 351760R91', 'EN136' => 'oil filter cover gasket 251407R1', 'GV415' => 'governor control lever', 'ST1925' => 'worm wh shaft lower bushing 350890R1', 'CL7932' => 'clutch pilot tool', 'EN1375' => 'valve grind kit 352540R91', 'GV436' => 'magneto drive oil seal 251379R91', 'ST217' => 'tie rod tube Cub', 'CL843' => 'clutch housing cover', 'EN146' => 'head bolt long 326_652', 'GV499' => 'pivot pin acorn nut', 'ST2385' => 'worm wh shaft thrust washer 350905R1', 'CL864' => 'pedal return spring', 'EN147' => 'rear oil seal retainer gasket 251364R1', 'GV535' => 'governor control lever spring 43650D', 'ST245' => 'housing base gasket 350893R2', 'CO1642' => 'radiator cap original style', 'EN149' => 'front cover gasket 355945R2', 'GV535' => 'governor control lever spring', 'ST2471' => 'shim 030 Cub and Lo_Boy', 'GV318' => 'pivot pin washer', 'GV2795' => 'governor control kit without hydraulics', 'GV6436' => 'governor control kit with hydraulics', 'CO322' => 'radiator cap 400586R1', 'EN175' => 'elbow gasket set 251431R1 4665DA', 'GV642' => 'governor rockshaft oil seal 361123R91', 'ST262' => 'front axle pivot bushing 350758R1', 'CO367' => 'fan belt 251428R1', 'EN186' => 'rod bearing set standard', 'GV689' => 'governor control sector 351005R1', 'ST2648' => 'front wheel outer cup 350775R1', 'CO453' => 'radiator gasket 351032R1', 'EN239' => 'head bolt short 251230R1', 'GV721' => 'governor control pivot pin', 'ST291' => 'steering shaft nut', 'CO7218' => 'fan housing', 'EN244' => 'inlet elbow gasket 251431R1', 'GV812' => 'governor rockshaft bearing 45753D', 'ST303' => 'steering shaft key 280934', 'CO849' => 'fan bearing gasket 70200DA', 'EN257' => 'cylinder head', 'HC0247' => 'hose set', 'ST3539' => 'front wh inner cone bearing 350771R91', 'CO957' => 'radiator hold down plate', 'EN258' => 'oil pump body gasket 251399R1', 'HC1653' => 'hose kit with worm clamps', 'ST359' => 'front wheel bearing kit 360118R93', 'CS123' => 'Cub owner hat', 'EN2584' => 'tappet cover kit 251371R1 2_251373R1', 'HC2187' => 'Wittek hose clamp 1_3l4 inch', 'ST369' => 'steering shaft oil seal A11507', 'CS1473' => 'Farmall hat red', 'EN2591' => 'ring set 040', 'HC328' => 'Zenith carb air pipe adapter', 'ST377' => 'steering worm wheel shaft key 124555', 'CS269' => 'mouse pad 57 high clearance', 'EN2645' => 'oil pressure gauge Circle_C', 'HC342' => 'upper radiator hose', 'ST3786' => 'shim 030 Lo_Boy late', 'CS2956' => 'Farmall hat burgundy', 'EN2716' => 'main bearing set 020', 'HC3622' => 'Wittek hose clamp 2 inch', 'ST3833' => 'radiator drain plug', 'CS353' => 'Cub key holder', 'CS694' => 'trivet', 'EN287' => 'oil filter bolt washer 25352D', 'HC4537' => 'air cleaner hose 107142C1', 'ST389' => 'housing base dowel 25086DA', 'CS522' => 'Case IH straw hat', 'EN3167' => 'main bearing set standard', 'HC471' => 'lower radiator hose', 'ST397' => 'steering arm lock bolt square head fine', 'CS625' => 'Case IH hat black and red', 'EN325' => 'oil pan gasket 251369R1', 'HC6328' => 'Wittek hose clamp 2_1l4 inch', 'ST435' => 'steering shaft support arm bracket', 'CS7281' => 'Farmall hat khaki', 'EN3291' => 'oil pressure gauge 0_40', 'HC7118' => 'hose kit with Wittek clamps', 'ST458' => 'steering shaft bearing gasket 350899R1', 'CS735' => 'Case IH hat denim', 'EN349' => 'rod bearing set 002', 'HC865' => 'air pipe hose', 'ST463' => 'tie rod tube Lo_Boy early', 'CS864' => 'mouse pad 47 Cub', 'EN3622' => 'ring set 020', 'HY012' => 'hydraulic by_pass block', 'ST471' => '15 inch steering wheel ', 'CS914' => 'Case IH hat camo', 'EN365' => 'crankshaft rear oil seal 364692R91', 'HY044' => 'cylinder block gasket kit 354008R95', 'ST4721' => 'front wheel inner cup 350772R1', 'CV648' => 'rear lifting bar assembly', 'EN389' => 'front cover oil seal 389407R2', 'HY1375' => 'piston boot leather', 'ST476' => 'worm wheel shaft seal 370510R91', 'CV927' => 'wedge bolt', 'EN398' => 'outlet elbow gasket 4665DA', 'HY288' => 'pump gasket kit 355208R91', 'ST487' => 'steering arm lock bolt hex head fine ', 'DF044' => 'diff shaft pinion oil seal CR16118', 'EN438' => 'cylinder head gasket', 'HY2935' => 'control valve boot rubber 364832R2', 'ST4952' => 'shim 060 Cub and Lo_Boy', 'DF218' => 'diff shaft ball bearing ST 364', 'EN466' => 'tappet cover gasket 251371R1', 'HY310' => 'manifold flange gasket 352034R2', 'ST518' => 'front axle pivot thrust washer 351957R1', 'DF245' => 'diff shaft oil seal 385872R91', 'EN4682' => 'crankcase gasket kit 381732R92', 'HY3492' => 'wing thumb screw', 'ST563' => 'steering arm lock bolt hex head coarse', 'DF376' => 'retainer o_ring 87421144', 'EN472' => 'wear sleeve kit 378193R91', 'HY386' => 'cylinder block head gasket 351989R7', 'ST5821' => 'shim 060 Lo_Boy late', 'DF749' => 'diff cone bearing ST 2049', 'EN4772' => 'ring set standard', 'HY396' => 'pump shaft o_ring 14457081', 'ST592' => 'front wheel oil seal 358833R91', 'DF931' => 'diff inner cup ST 974', 'EN4859' => 'main bearing set 010', 'HY428' => 'pump gasket 351677R1', 'ST6291' => 'tie rod Cub', 'DR268' => 'RH drawbar bracket', 'EN4876' => 'oil pressure gauge 0_75', 'HY4629' => 'control valve boot leather', 'ST673' => 'oil seal wear ring 351076R1', 'DR324' => 'drawbar bracket bolt 351679R1', 'EN492' => 'pressure valve plug gasket 251403R1', 'HY471' => 'cylinder block cover gasket 351983R1', 'ST758' => 'tie rod Lo_Boy', 'DR337' => 'offset rockshaft lifting rod', 'EN5328' => 'main bearing set 030', 'HY517' => 'cylinder block oil strainer 351984R92', 'ST768' => 'steering arm lock bolt sq head coarse', 'DR3562' => 'Cub fast hitch lift rod', 'EN537' => 'pressure valve spring 251401R1', 'HY562' => 'drive gear washer 352037R1', 'ST816' => 'tie rod non_adjustable Cub', 'DR376' => 'LH drawbar bracket Lo_Boy', 'EN563' => 'oil filter cover 251406R2', 'HY627' => 'cylinder block gasket kit 360713R92', 'ST851' => 'tie rod tube Lo_Boy late', 'DR489' => 'LH drawbar bracket', 'EN572' => 'rod bearing set 010', 'HY674' => 'control valve o ring 350672R1', 'ST856' => 'front wheel felt washer 350768R1', 'DR527' => 'fast hitch pull bar extension', 'EN5732' => 'oil pressure gauge', 'HY6873' => 'stop indicator', 'ST923' => 'tie rod non_adjustable Lo_Boy early', 'DR544' => 'RH drawbar bracket Lo_Boy', 'EN614' => 'rod bearing set 020', 'HY746' => 'drive gear kit', 'TC067' => 'Carlisle front tire ', 'DR645' => 'straight rockshaft lifting rod', 'EN671' => 'pressure valve 251400R1', 'HY751' => 'front flange o ring 129979', 'TC125' => 'American Farmer front tire ', 'DR7821' => 'Lo_Boy fast hitch lift rod', 'EN844' => 'oil pan drain plug gasket 3405HA', 'HY821' => 'drive gear key 126109', 'TC1524' => 'rear tire tube', 'DR864' => 'ball hitch adapter', 'EN934' => 'tappet cover bolt washer 251373R1', 'HY844' => 'filler plug gasket 3405HA', 'TC2375' => 'pair tire chain tensioners style 2', 'EL033' => 'distributor cap 351693R92', 'EN952' => 'rod bearing set 030', 'HY972' => 'drive gear jam nut', 'TC348' => 'Titian front tire ', 'EL1133' => 'GE1133 6 volt', 'FL1256' => 'Zenith fuel bowl gasket 368362R1', 'LD2385' => '1000 loader head light bracket', 'TC3689' => 'pair tire chains 8_3 24', 'EL1247' => 'ground strap', 'FL186' => 'strainer bowl 357958R1', 'LD4569' => '1000 loader muffler bracket', 'TC5162' => 'side chain fastener', 'EL1273' => 'Prestolite distributor cap A44429', 'FL235' => 'strainer screen 49923D', 'MP1267' => 'lever link eye bolt', 'TC557' => 'Firestone front tire ', 'EL128' => 'distributor rotor 353896R91', 'FL2376' => 'Zenith carburetor 71523C93', 'MP189' => 'pair chain lifting brackets', 'TC635' => 'front tire tube ', 'EL145' => 'ammeter 20 0 20 early circle_C', 'FL3429' => 'Zenith fuel bowl gasket kit 368357R91', 'MP254' => 'chain lifting bracket', 'TC7621' => 'pair tire chain tensioners style 1', 'EL1628' => 'starter pull rod for short lever', 'FL373' => 'fuel line underslung exhaust', 'MP357' => 'lever link', 'TG356' => 'fine mesh radiator grille', 'EL185' => 'battery box eye bolt', 'FL384' => 'idle tube 251331R1', 'MP729' => 'lever link assembly', 'TG528' => 'deluxe seat tool box', 'EL199' => 'ammeter D 0 C', 'FL392' => 'strainer gasket rubber A11208', 'MP843' => 'chain lifting hook', 'TG5342' => 'Lo_Boy name plate ', 'EL202' => 'ammeter 20 0 20', 'FL426' => 'strainer gasket cork 360679R1', 'PT022' => 'pto adapter gasket 350837R3', 'TG247' => 'IH grille emblem', 'TG6728' => 'McCormick name plate ', 'EL2184' => 'molding tear drop', 'FL437' => 'carburetor overhaul kit 354454R92', 'PT155' => 'shaft brg w snap ring 210041 369875R1', 'TG762' => 'plain seat tool box', 'EL233' => 'battery box front cover', 'FL4513' => 'Zenith carburetor float 53783D', 'PT2290' => 'pto shaft kit', 'TG864' => 'radiator grille', 'EL244' => 'generator belt 351321R1', 'FL463' => 'carburetor gasket 251235R1', 'PT245' => 'pto shifter rod guide', 'TR1275' => 'retainer pin 382646R1', 'EL2478' => 'Prestolite rotor A44430', 'FL512' => 'fuel line fitting nut 222_503', 'PT317' => 'pto lever and shaft 351287R11', 'TR128' => 'trans shaft rear roller bearing 352402R91', 'EL2543' => 'starting switch 6V 593292C1', 'FL5183' => 'needle valve kit 251300R21', 'PT328' => 'pto shaft', 'TR157' => 'retainer cap gasket 350846R1', 'EL2581' => '6V battery cable', 'FL522' => 'carburetor choke lever', 'PT386' => 'shifter rod spring 351969R1', 'TR1953' => 'poppet ball 87016924', 'EL282' => 'magneto wire', 'FL559' => 'bail with adjuster nut 49947D', 'PT449' => 'pto shifter clutch', 'TR235' => 'trans spline and clutch shaft', 'EL294' => 'J_4 rotor 351692R91', 'FL564' => 'hood background decal set', 'PT482' => 'pto shaft seal 126107C1', 'TR2493' => 'spring retainer 350884R1', 'EL3196' => 'Prestolite condenser A48371', 'FL655' => 'IH carburetor float', 'PT752' => 'pto shaft pilot bushing 350859R1', 'TR253' => 'trans shaft rear bearing shield 351535R1', 'EL322' => 'breaker cover assembly 384831R91', 'FL785' => 'fuel cap gasket 23977DD', 'PT865' => 'pto shaft guard', 'TR2768' => 'poppet spring 350876R1', 'EL328' => 'housing hole gasket 363765R1', 'FL827' => 'hood support bracket', 'PT925' => 'pto retainer gasket 351258R3', 'TR2791' => 'trans gasket and seal kit', 'EL347' => 'short starting switch lever', 'FL864' => 'fuel line vertical exhaust', 'SE063' => 'deluxe seat cushion assembly silver', 'TR284' => 'reverse idler gear 350870R11', 'EL351' => 'rear light clamp', 'FL921' => 'fuel bowl gasket 251337R3', 'SE147' => 'deluxe seat base cushion silver', 'TR3048' => 'gear shift spring', 'EL3621' => '12V battery cable 224401 to 239826', 'FL934' => 'choke rod', 'SE2157' => 'deluxe seat cushion assembly black', 'TR328' => 'bearing retainer o_ring 350840R1', 'EL367' => 'point and condenser kit 407018R91', 'FR055' => 'rear axle outer cone bearing A31264', 'SE223' => 'trip rope clip', 'TR3542' => 'gear shift lever bent', 'EL372' => 'battery box', 'FR125' => 'housing pan gasket 350827R1', 'SE2754' => 'back rest cushion cream white', 'TR368' => 'trans shaft front bearing shield 351536R1', 'EL376' => 'fuse holder 12V 376852R91', 'FR129' => 'rear axle outer cup ST 973', 'SE289' => 'plain seat vinyl red and cream white', 'TR376' => 'gear shift lever gasket 351546R1', 'EL3947' => 'starter pull rod for long lever', 'FR279' => 'RH rear axle nut oil seal 382220R91', 'SE349' => 'Lo_Boy plain seat support bracket', 'TR4177' => 'gear shift spring assembly', 'EL426' => 'spark plug wire set 407487R1', 'FR284' => 'rear axle oil seal gasket 350823R1', 'SE356' => 'plain seat silver canvas', 'TR422' => 'trans shaft rear needle brg 357931R91', 'EL427' => 'rear light bracket', 'FR359' => 'rear axle bearing cap gasket 350820R1', 'SE3714' => 'deluxe seat arm rest cushion black', 'TR431' => 'trans shaft oil seal w retainer 528810R91', 'EL4372' => 'J_4 body gasket 251530R1', 'EL9371' => 'Lo_Boy tail light extension bracket', 'FR364' => 'RH rear axle nut o_ring 86629540', 'SE3926' => 'deluxe seat base cushion cream white', 'TR4591' => '2_3 speed slide gear 350868R1', 'EL4397' => '12V switch to starter 224401 to 239826', 'FR393' => 'rear axle oil seal w retainer 350822R92', 'SE428' => 'deluxe seat back rest cushion silver', 'TR467' => 'countershaft front bearing ST 668', 'EL4411' => 'GE4411 12 volt', 'FR456' => 'rear axle oil seal CR21211', 'SE443' => 'plain seat black canvas', 'TR521' => 'front brg w lock ring ST542 351539R1', 'EL4427' => 'Prestolite points 531456R1', 'FR467' => 'rear axle inner cone bearing 350808R91', 'SE4632' => 'tie on seat cover silver vinyl', 'TR553' => 'countershaft rear bearing 350857R91', 'EL446' => 'battery ignition switch 62801DC', 'FR473' => 'diff shaft bearing cap gasket 350804R1', 'SE4839' => 'deluxe seat base cushion black', 'TR625' => '1st_rev speed slide gear 350867R1', 'EL4511' => 'GE4511 6 volt', 'FR513' => 'rear axle inner cup 350809R1', 'SE5264' => 'deluxe seat back rest cushion black', 'TR639' => 'gear shift lever', 'EL453' => 'gasket tear drop', 'FR572' => 'gasket set', 'SE527' => 'plain seat metal', 'TR654' => 'gear shift lever knob ', 'EL462' => 'long starting switch lever', 'GB012' => 'front axle hanger bolt', 'SE532' => 'deluxe seat RH support bracket', 'TR673' => 'trans shaft oil seal gasket 350866R1', 'EL473' => 'breaker cover gasket 384830R1', 'GB030' => 'snow extension plate', 'SE5478' => 'tie on seat cover red and white vinyl', 'TR758' => 'gear shift lever extended', 'EL483' => 'sealed beam with tab 6 volt', 'GB057' => 'pivot axle', 'SE592' => 'deluxe seat arm rest cushion silver', 'WH245' => 'front wheel weight bolt', 'EL4916' => 'terminal assembly', 'GB127' => 'rear lifting rod', 'SE6138' => 'arm rest cushion cream white', 'WH327' => 'rear wheel weight bolt', 'EL519' => 'breaker cover felt seal 353901R2', 'GB145' => 'axle mounting bracket', 'SE8425' => 'deluxe seat cushion assembly cream', 'WH4101' => 'rear wheel rim bolt 351085R1', 'EL5721' => 'battery box assembly basic', 'GB169' => 'Cub pressure spring assembly', 'SE843' => 'deluxe seat LH support bracket', 'WH475' => 'front wheel weight ', 'EL528' => 'battery box cover', 'GB188' => 'blade skid shoe', 'SE864' => 'starting crank clip', 'WH724' => '7_24 rear wheel', 'SE971' => 'plain seat spring', 'WH843' => 'rear wheel bolt 351079R1', 'WH942' => 'front wheel bolt 86403303'

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